What to see in Poland?

Image Source: Catholic Church in Poland
What sights are worth seeing in Poland? Architecture and natural attractions. Everything you need to know before traveling to this cuntry.

How can Poland surprise tourists?

Tourism is the best way to spend your vacation because it allows you to change the environment and get new experiences, emotions, and knowledge. If you are interested in the Middle Ages, love beautiful architecture, and want to try something new, you should visit Poland. This is a large country that is rich in architectural monuments and natural attractions, where everyone will find suitable locations for themselves. Country Helper is a handy tool where you can find out more about this country and build your travel itinerary.

A few words about this country

This country has a vast and fascinating history, so there are many unique architectural sights from the Middle Ages.

The national currency here is the zloty, and prices are generally lower than in other European countries, which is very popular with budget tourists.

The capital of the country is Warsaw, and there are a considerable number of attractions. But you should also visit cities like Wroclaw, Gdansk, Kielce, and others.

There are all 4 seasons here, so you can come at any time and fully enjoy all the beauties of the local nature.

It should be said right away that Poland will enjoy its hospitality, good service, and delicious cuisine. The inhabitants of this country honor their traditions but at the same time, keep up with the times. Here you can see how medieval architecture perfectly combines with innovative technologies.

Local kitchen

In this country, they are used to using local products. This country is rich in agricultural products, so there is a lot of variety. At first glance, local dishes may seem too fatty to you, but at the same time, they are always very satisfying and tasty. One bowl of soup you can keep for the whole day. Herbs are very actively used here, which makes the food very fragrant.

What are man-made monuments worth visiting?

This country has a very beautiful history, which left many medieval monuments:

  • Marienburg Castle (Malbork);
  • Wilanow Palace (Wilanow district in Warsaw);
  • Wawel (Krakow);
  • Market Square (Krakow);
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral (Krakow);
  • Church of St. Mary (Gdansk) and others.

The above buildings are surprising with their grandeur and beauty. Each of them has an incredibly beautiful history and unusual legends, which are hunted by thousands of tourists worldwide.

This country is rich in architectural monuments, but there are also:

  • cathedrals, monasteries, and churches;
  • castles and fortresses;
  • museums;
  • Wroclaw gnomes;
  • manufacturing factory;
  • obsolete parts of cities – Warsaw, Torun, Gdansk.

And that’s not all – there are a lot of places that deserve no less attention.

All the beauty of the local nature

In addition to architectural monuments of antiquity in this country, there are many beautiful places of nature and just places to relax:

  • Zakopane;
  • Masurian lakes;
  • Bialowieza Forest;
  • Zoo in Wroclaw;
  • Beach and pier in Sopot;
  • Lazienki Park in Warsaw.

The natural attractions continue; you can find out more at Country Helper. The above places are ideal for visiting with children, but adults will also get a lot of positive emotions. Let’s say right away that it is almost impossible to get around this in 1 day, so you should extend your vacation.

The government of this country devotes a lot of time and money to preserving natural attractions. The above places are equally beautiful at any time of the year. Here you can relax from the bustle of the city and get more pleasure from unity with nature.

Prices and cost of the trip

Many budget tourists are interested in what prices are in this country and how much time is spent here daily. It should be said that the prices for rental housing and meals here are, on average, lower than in other European countries. Here you can rent a room in a small hostel or a small apartment for a few days, but you can also stay in an expensive hotel.

When it comes to food, it also depends on your preferences. There are many inexpensive cafes where you can try local cuisine. Still, there are also expensive restaurants where the cost of one dish can be unpleasantly surprising (especially when you consider the portion).

On average, a budget tourist spends about $100 per day, including food, subsistence, and transportation costs. If you plan to visit tourist spots, you will be pleasantly surprised that the cost of excursions is usually only a few dollars.

How to plan a trip?

There are 2 ways to plan a trip – book a tour or organize everything yourself. In the first case, you will be limited to those pre-selected routes; you will have a boring guide all day and cannot fully enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful country.

You can organize everything yourself with Country Helper. All the necessary information that can be useful when building a route has been created here. Thanks to Country Helper, tourists can learn more about:

  • general information (local time, currency, climate, security level, and much more);
  • description of cities;
  • local culture;
  • local cuisine;
  • shopping;
  • famous events and more.

Country Helper is a versatile tool that allows you to quickly and easily find the most suitable route and make your trip more enjoyable.


This beautiful country will surprise you with its incredible architecture and charming castles, but the people are the main attraction here. They are incredibly kind and sympathetic; they love tourists and strive to surprise them with incredibly delicious dishes.

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