The Simming Prize Endures Their Tradition!

The Simming Prize Endures Their Tradition!

The Simming Prize is a recognized tradition where prizes are distributed to organizations and people who are a part of the gaming industry. This prize was priorly known as the Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis. The Simming Prize was an initiative taken up by Seth Cotis, and the tradition still continues after his demise. 

Who Is Seth Cotis?

The real name of Seth Cotis is Michael Christiaan Back; he was born in the year 1970, and his demise was in the year 2005. 

Michael Christiaan Back became a member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, which is shortly known as the SLA. He joined the SLA and remained its head until his demise. 

Seth Cotis is a Simming Prize Laureate as he began his career at the United Space Federation (USF), and this was prior to his leadership at the SLA. Cotis was a great simmer in all the leading generations and was considered a master of it. 

Seth was active in many institutions like the Simming League and the Yahoo Group. Throughout his leadership at the SLA or better known as Starfleet Legacy Alliance, Seth contributed to helping web portal development, ranking of websites on search engines, and also advertisement across several platforms. 

The Simming Prize Prestige

There are five categories in which The Simming Prize was offered. Which are as follows: 

  1. Literature
  2. Internet Technology
  3. Management
  4. Peace
  5. Service

The Simming Price began in 1999, and later it got discontinued being given in the above-mentioned categories. So, now there are up to five awards given, but there is no specific category under which individuals, institutions, or organizations have been awarded. 

Initially, when Seth Cotis expired, the company decided to name the price Seth Cotis Medal of Honor. But later on, there settled for the name The Simming Prize. Achieving this price is an honorable and prestigious thing. And people of the gaming industry indeed look out and strive hard to be honored by the Noble Simming Prize. 

Any online role-playing community who wishes to enroll themselves and get to be called the Simming Prize Laureate needs to go through an online registration procedure. 

The procedure is simple but be sure that you have shown utmost excellence, dedication, and proper service in new techniques and technology. 

Overall Goals Or Overview To Achieve The Simming Prize 

The Trustees undergo a speculation procedure under which they categorize and nominate the following candidates. And if you are looking out for a possible way to achieve the Simming Prize, below are some categories through which the Trustee members analyze you as a winner. Let’s check out what they are: 

What Is The Goal?

The primary sector in which the Trustees look at it! They look at the individuals’ goals in the online role-gaming playing community. However, there isn’t always a basic goal that they get, but there is always a factor that is considered in this regard. The Simming Prize is working towards a higher goal, and the people of this community should show their innovation and understand their worth. 

The Mission

Through the Simming Prize, people are regarded as the Simming Laureates. So, this is considered to be a prestigious designation. And it’s an accomplishment people have received for a long time. Consequently, the entire mission is to give the reward to someone who is dedicated to providing quality service in the role-playing community, pioneering new and advanced technologies and techniques. 

People need to Be Innovative

The one thing that the Trustees want players to do is to be innovative. They need to show their creativity, understand the goal and eventually try out something that others haven’t. So, in order to do that, gamers need to show out new techniques and ensure the game role-playing community is evolving and is showing new innovations each day. 

The Service Needs To Be Top-Notch

Only when you provide proper service, ensure that the people are satisfied, and are playing a proper game in the community are you awarded with the Prestigious award. If you are simply a part of the online gaming and role-playing community, you will not be given the Noble Prize. Be different, and the service needs to be great. 

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog, you definitely have a great idea about The Simming Prize and also how you need to achieve one. So, if you are a part of the online gaming and role-playing community, then let me tell you to start showing your innovation. And I’m sure you’ll come out to be someone different and be awarded the most prestigious Noble Prize. 

It’s not impossible to achieve this award, but it requires dedication, love, and innovation. Start showing them, and you’ll see marvelous results in your gaming career.

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